Join hands to rebuild!

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Dear friends of J.D,C.S.I.!
As you know, on 10-11-2022, the Synod of C.S.I elected and consecrated a new bishop for our Diocese. With that inspiration, our Diocese has elected a new administration and started traveling with a new bishop from last 19-12-2022. Our Jaffna Diocese of Church of South India is trying to recover from its current situation. Based on that, we have to make changes from different angles and travel as listed below.

  1. Streamlining the administrative structure
  1. Enrichment of clergy in education and mission awareness
  2. Formulate action plans to restore unity for the clergy
  3. Collection and raising of funds for the stipend of the clergy
  4. Building a united mind among the congregation
  5. Renovation ofchurches and parsonages
  6. Recovery from Brethren Church Schism
  7. Administrative Reform of Colleges and Institutions
  8. Relief from Court Suits
  9. Recovery of lost property.
    Thus, one has to travel with many hardships in numerous tasks.
    As an effort in this, we have an urgent need to increase the fund that
    we already had exclusively for the payment of the priest as it is now
    empty. Because the pastors’ monthly stipend is Rs.20,000.00. Out of
    which, the amount deduction for E.P.F fund and expenses is Rs
    18,702.00. (CAN$ 67.32, US$ 50.49, GBP 41.14, AU$ 71.06). This
    amount has remained unchanged for the last 6 years. They are forced
    to live on the same income even after the severe economic hardships
    that have occurred post-Covid-19. Even though the cost of living
    increased by 40oh, there was no change in the stipend of the priest.
    We have two reasons for raising this fund.
    1) Funds have to be found to pay the pastors.
    2) We are in immediate need of increasing the stipend of the pastors.
    That is why there is a need to give priority to find and increase the
    stipend of pastors.
    When our new administration deliberated on what to do about this, it
    was decided that we would seek the help of our friends of C.S.I
    living abroad and locally to re-grow the empty “pastors’ stipend fund”. We will send them a request letter for the same. It was discussed that they will help themselves. Even if your contribution is small like a small drop is a big flood, it will be considered as a big help.

Dear friends!

We cannot stand alone and restore the Church. Let’s all join hands. We will travel with the principle of restoring our mother church. We all know what the Church of South India used to be like. Let us bring back the status quo and build up our socially and spiritually deprived Church.

A/C No : 100730305898.
Swift code : NSBALKLX
Bank : National Savings bank,
Branch : Chavakachcheri

Yours in Christ

The Rt. Rev. Dr. V. Pathmathayalan, Bishop in Jaffna.

Rev. Sathees Daniel, Secretary.

Mr. Joe Inbaraj, Treasurer.