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Social Concerns

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To bring the Dalit and Adivasi issues into the centre stage of discourse through advocacy and campaign by affirming cultural and theological aspects. The department will specifically mainstream these concerns by integrating them into the activities of various departments of the CSI Synod.

Aims and Objectives

To express solidarity with the communities of faith that are victimized by untouchability and caste violence and empower them to overcome caste discrimination and marginalization.

To sensitize CSI urban congregations about the travails and aspirations of their counterpart Dalit and Adivasi members in rural congregations through audio-video productions.

To encourage the Dalits and Tribals to use music, art, and creative writing as liberative tools by giving them training and providing them opportunities.

To strengthen the efforts of the International Dalit Solidarity Network in liaison with the partner churches and related international organisations.

Programmes and Activities

Integrally work with the Girl Child campaign of CSI- SEVA, Assure My Future, with the specific perspective of Dalit and Adivasi Concerns.

Lenten campaign against the bonded labour in which Dalits and Tribals are most affected.

Programme on strengthening the efforts of School for Small Farmers especially in catering to the specific needs of Small Farmers in Dalit and Adivasi Congregations.

Consultations, Workshops, and Study Groups on issues related to Livelihood, Cultural, Economical, Political and Theological concerns of Dalits and Adivasis in India today.

Publications on theology, sermons, essays, songs, poems, both print and web materials, with the specific focus on Dalit and Adivasi Concerns.

Leadership training for the young Dalits and Adivasis in order to equip them to face the challenges of discrimination.

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