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Medical Mission

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Mission Statement

“Your Faith has healed you”- Mark 10: 52 “Making disciples to reach, heal and change lives.”

The Healing Ministry of C.S.I. Synod is committed to achieve the best quality of affordable health care by providing compassionate, respectful and professional services consistent with available manpower, material and economic resources through Churches, Mission Hospitals, Community Centers and Palliative Care Centers.

Vision Statement

Healing Ministry of JDCSI should be the ideal place of choice to inspire hope to contribute towards health in its holistic dimension (physical, psychological, social & spiritual) and well-being by providing the best affordable health care to people who are in need through integrated clinical practice, education and research through the churches and C.S.I. Mission Hospitals.

We seek to offer our lives to God to be of service in building His Kingdom by following Jesus’ example of ministry. This is achievable while having a personal relationship with God through His Word, Prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.


  • Encourage churches to actively participate in healing to the congregation.
  • Integrate health care services with the churches in their own region.
  • Render health care with compassion following the footprints of Jesus Christ in healing the sick.
  • Provide cost-effective health care services to needy people.
  • Loving the Lord God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.
  • Loving others as he loved.
  • Worshipping with joy and thanksgiving.
  • Teaching, discipline, and encouragement.
  • Equipping believers to receive and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Praying for healing and restoration.
  • Sharing God’s love with all people.
  • Working toward the unity of the body of Christ.


  • Create awareness in the churches through Sunday school, Youth workshops and conferences to inspire the congregation to understand their responsibility to nurture young for Medical/ Nursing/ Paramedical educations and to bring healing to the people through the leadership of the church.
  • Observe the second week of February as the week of Healing Ministry and the second Sunday of February as Healing Ministry Sunday in churches and Mission Hospitals every year.
  • Identify the offertory of the second Sunday for a noble cause involving Healing Ministry.
  • Facilitate quality health care services at affordable cost in Mission Hospitals for the churches in the region.
  • Nurture committed personnel with a good attitude to continue prayerfully and peacefully in needy Mission Hospitals and encourage having a transparent open accounting system.
  • Good governance and management of resources with feedback and evaluation about how well we are doing are crucial.

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