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Youth Ministry

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To enable the young people with a new vision rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ, equipping them to live out the values of God’s reign and putting their faith in praxis.

Aims and Objectives

Empower and sensitise young people to critically analyse issues pertaining to their life in church and society to shape their perspectives on various issues like Ecology, Gender Justice, Caste system, Globalisation, Girl Child, Media and its effects, Addiction and Abuse, Politics, Finance and Accountability, Inter-faith dialogue and so on…

Make them an integral part of the church, its worship, mission and structure. Providing leadership at various levels of church structure and participatory involvement in the decision-making process.

To build a healthy and strong network with the youths of other churches, coming together for a common cause, putting their faith in praxis and envisioning a better church and a wider society.

To make them servant leaders of the servant Lord to serve the church.


YAAA Campaign Youth against Addiction and Abuse campaign

  • Raising awareness among Youth in church and educational institutions of CSI. regarding the menace of addiction and abuse.
  • Enabling them to prevent their friends from getting into addiction and abuse.
  • Run campaigns and creative initiatives to raise awareness.

Youth for Peace Campaign (LCP)

  • Training youth on peacebuilding.
  • Understanding Conflicts, its analysis.
  • Using transformative toots to reduce dividers and enhance connectors.

Youth addressing the rights of the Elderly

  • Inter-face between Youth and Elderly.
  • Create space for mutual dialogue.
  • Raise awareness among youth to address the rights of the elderly.

Youth Leadership Training

  • Training Youth of Biblical leadership.
  • Exploring its theological base.
  • Addressing the issues associated with the present-day leadership within management.

Skill enhancement training for Rural Youth

  • Bridge-building crash courses on soft skills.
  • Locating rural youth and identifying their potentials to tie them up with employment opportunities.

Youth for Gospel through Traditional Arts (YGTA)

  • Youth engagement in Gospel Proclamation through various indigenous art forms.
  • Ability to develop Non-verbal communication skills.
  • Bring back the Traditional arts which are nearly blanked out and equip the CSI Youth to use it as a medium to propagate the Word of God.

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