Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India News Resurrection of Hope: JDCSI City Mission Church Reopens on Christmas Eve

Resurrection of Hope: JDCSI City Mission Church Reopens on Christmas Eve

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In a momentous event on Christmas Eve, JDCSI City Mission Church witnessed a revival under the guidance of Bishop Pathmathayalan. The sacred occasion was graced by the presence of Bishop Emeritus Jebanesan, adding a touch of historical continuity to the significant event.

The church, with its rich history, holds a special place in the hearts of its congregation. Mr. Victor Jeya Kumar, former registrar of the diocese, during the service, nostalgically recounted the church’s role as a refuge for island refugees during times of war. This poignant reminder of the church’s humanitarian past resonated deeply, highlighting its enduring commitment to compassion and community.

The reopening ceremony was a testament to resilience and faith. Bishop Pathmathayalan, leading the charge, symbolically breathed new life into the sacred space. The echoes of hymns and prayers, accompanied by the comforting embrace of familiar faces, marked a joyous celebration of renewal.

Bishop Emeritus Jebanesan, a figure of historical significance, added a sense of continuity to the proceedings. His presence bridged the gap between the church’s past and its promising future, creating a profound connection between generations of worshippers.

The history shared by Mr. Victor Jeya Kumar painted a vivid picture of the church’s transformative journey. From being a sanctuary for those fleeing the ravages of war to becoming a beacon of hope and spirituality, the church has weathered the tests of time.

The ceremony reached its spiritual zenith with the holy communion, symbolizing unity and shared purpose. As congregants partook in this sacred ritual, a palpable sense of community and shared faith permeated the air, reaffirming the church’s role as a unifying force.

This resurrection of JDCSI City Mission Church is not just a physical reopening but a spiritual reawakening. It symbolizes the resilience of faith, the endurance of community bonds, and the unwavering commitment to providing solace and sanctuary in times of need.

As the doors of the church swung open once more, they ushered in not only the congregation but also a renewed sense of purpose. The reopening on Christmas Eve serves as a powerful reminder that, like the biblical narrative of hope born on Christmas, this church stands as a beacon of hope, love, and resilience for all who seek refuge within its walls.

Rev. Sathees Daniel, Secretary, Mr. Joe Inparaj, treasurer of the diocese, Clergy and the lay members of the diocese participated in the Holy Communion service.

-JDCSI Communication.

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